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Elementor Overview

In 2016, a group of web professionals who, like most people, were frustrated with WordPress’s slow process of creating and designing a website decided to build a tool called Elementor. Today, the number of users of this great add-on has grown to over 2 million people worldwide. Users of this add-on now include online marketers, business owners, content writers, and developers.

With this rising in number and in so short a period, it shows how simple it is to use Elementor.

Like most page builders of its kind, it comes with a paid and a free version.  However, unlike most free versions, Elementor’s free version is packed with powerful features to transform your old and dull-looking website to a modern and professional-looking one.

So, if you are just new to building a website, and you are short of budget to design a catchy type, The Elementor free version is a must-have. But for more advanced features, including all you need for making a professional-looking website, upgrading to the pro version might give you more value for your money.

Visual Design

Simple. Powerful. Flexible. Experience the power of 100% visual design.

All-in-One Solution

Control every aspect of your web design workflow from one place.

Faster Performance

Build websites that load faster, and speed up the process of building them.

Built for Professionals

Key Features of Elementor

Front-End Page Builder

Working on your site can be a bit tasking, especially when trying to build the layout. As a front-end builder, Elementor helps you see live changes (real-time preview) of what you are doing. Whether you need to adjust your images and tweak it to the left or to the right, or you want to shift your layout from a single to multi-column design, Elementor front-end builder will give you an immediate preview of the changes.

To us, this is the ideal way to build a website. Besides, it helps us save and use my time efficiently.

Within the left side of the screen is a list of modules or things that will help your website look great like images, video, text, heading, button, spacer, and many more. It’s as simple as ‘drag and drop’ these modules on your preferred work area on the website, and with just a little editing, you are good to go.


To locate the templates, click the folder icon located at the bottom of the page. Once you click the folder, you will see a new pop up window showing you a list of page templates that you can make use of.

To use a template, hover your mouse over the preferred template and click ‘insert,’ then wait a few seconds, and you will see that the template you just clicked is loaded into your page.


These are preset sections that you can easily and quickly load into your page, just like the templates. There are different types of blocks, and they are created for every section. For instance, there are blocks for call-to-actions, testimonials, About us, FAQ’S, and much more.

To activate the blocks, click the same folder icon at the bottom of the page as before and click ‘Blocks,’ and if you need a particular type of block, click the ‘category,’ and you will have to choose one from the dropdown list of available categories.

Once you are done with your page layout, you can save it as your future template to be reused for similar projects. To reuse the template design for future work, click the arrow beside the green ‘Publish’ button and then click the “save as template.”


As more people now prefer to use their mobile phones to access the internet, there is no better time to start designing a mobile-friendly website than now. To achieve a mobile-friendly version of your website design, click the desktop icon beside the ‘Publish’ button and click ‘Mobile’ and ‘Tablet.’

In-Line Text Editing

If you want to edit your text in the preview area, you can do that too. This added touch gives users the experience of a simpler and faster tool.

Works With Any WordPress Theme

Elementor is very flexible, and it will work with any WordPress theme. The most compatible of these themes that Elementor work seamlessly with include:

  • Generate Press
  • Astra
  • Ocean WP
  • Page Builder Framework Theme

These four mentioned themes have both free and paid versions

Master your skills!

Simplify Your Life With Extra Modules!

With Elementor pro you have additional 30 modules that will facilitate quick build-up of essential part of your website such as:

  • Reviews
  • Flip box
  • Form Integration
  • woocommerce features (products, categories, add to cart)
  • Share buttons
  • Media carousel
  • Blockquote
  • Countdown
  • Price list
  • Pricing tables
  • Grid blog posts
  • Forms (opt-in, contact, and login forms)

Forget About Limits

Take your sites to the next level. Create anything you want with Elementor PRO – the ultimate all-in-one WordPress site builder.

Start Making Awesome Sites!

Elementor PRO

Easy access to pro templates and blocks

Easy to switch role access

Elementor Pro Integrate easily with other marketing tools

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